High Reach Cleaning Poles

We have four cleaning poles in our range with standard screw on fittings.  The ultimate being our 5M high reach cleaning pole.  When contracted it is just under 2M in length and can be extended upwards to 5M.  For water flow just clip on your standard garden hose to the bottom fitting that has a control valve.  A soap dispenser can also be fitted to the bottom of three poles with water flow.

The other three cleaning poles are as follows:
Hand held pole with water flow
Lightweight pole (0.7M extending to 1.3M)

2M pole with water flow (1.2M extending to 2M)

Clean your windows, clean your walls, clean your pergola, clean your eves, clean your solar panels, clean your gutters, clean your high ceilings, clean your ...... 

Attachments WITH Water Flow:
Soft Bristle Brush, Car Brush, Sponge n Squeegee, Gutter Cleaner

Attachments without Water Flow:

Cobweb Brush, Ceiling Fan Brush, Duster