Spare Parts

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If your product has not yet been listed, please give us a call on 0403 128 500 or email

CutAbove Tools has a comprehensive range of spare parts.  Typically if a part can be removed from one of our products we are likely to have a replacement. Superseded products including many from the Clevedon range are also available.

Listed below are product code numbers and descriptions.  Click on "purchase online" or the "PDF Spec Sheet" to obtain the part(s) you require.  

ORDER ONLINE or PLEASE CONTACT US TO ORDER SPARE PARTS.   Phone (0403 128 500), email us (click here) or inquire via the contact us page.

Below is a list of current products.  If you have a product that isn't listed please do not hesitate to contact us.

Code Number Description
4363 CleanAcut Pro 1 Aluminium Ratchet Secateurs (purchase online)
4356 Ultra Pro Aluminium Ratchet Secateurs ( PDF Spec Sheet )
4747 Super Pro Polypropylene Ratchet Secateurs ( PDF Spec Sheet )
4692 Mini Pro Fibreglass Ratchet Secateurs (purchase online)
4010 NEW Drop Forged Bypass Secateurs (purchase online)
4323 Drop Forged Secateurs ( PDF Spec Sheet )
4532A Rotating Handle Secateurs NEW (purchase online)
4564 Cut & Hold Bypass Secateurs (purchase online)
4105 Silver Series - 8" Bypass Secateurs (purchase online)
4107 Silver Series - 90mm Straight Blades (purchase online)
4358 Silver Series - 7" Bypass Secateurs ( PDF Spec Sheet )
4110  Silver Series - 63mm Offset Blades (purchase online)
4869 Orange Anniversary Bypass Secateurs (purchase online)
4870 Orange Anniversary Straight Blades (purchase online)
1001 Heavy Duty Anvil Ratchet Lopper (purchase online)
1003 Medium Duty Anvil Ratchet Lopper  (call)
1644 Lightweight Anvil Ratchet Lopper  (call)
1017 Gear Action Bypass Lopper (purchase online)
1682 Gear Action Anvil Lopper (purchase online)
High Reach Pruners
5295 Ratchet Pole Pruner (call)
5117-5 5M Orange Extension Pruning Pole ( call )
5117-6  6M Orange Extension Pruning Pole ( call )
5602VS HD Gear Action Pruner (purchase online)
5602W HD Ratchet Pruner with Saw Blade ( PDF Spec Sheet )
5602T-3M 3M HD Pro Pruning Pole ( PDF Spec Sheet )
5602T-5.5M 5.5M HD Pro Pruning Pole (purchase online
4714 Topiary Shears (purchase online) 
1323 8” Gear Action Shears (purchase online)
2003SH 9” Shears – Short Extendable Handles (purchase online)
2003LH 9” Shears – Long Extendable Handles (purchase online)
2167 10” Shears (purchase online)
8332 180mm Folding Saw (purchase online)
8213 300mm Saw (purchase online)
5292 Pole Saw ( PDF Spec Sheet )
Garden Accessories
9114C Garden Kneeler ( PDF Spec Sheet )
9969 Pick Up Tool ( PDF Spec Sheet )
1150 8 Pattern Water Nozzle (purchase online)
1151 Spray Nozzle (purchase online)
Cleaning Tools
3600-5 5M Cleaning Extension Pole ( PDF Spec Sheet )
3600-2 2M Cleaning Extension Pole ( PDF Spec Sheet )

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