CutAbove Tools

CutAbove Tools is a family owned Australian company with an extensive range of  pruning, gardening and cleaning tools.  Brands sold include CutAbove, G.F. Italy, Makita, Triton Trimmer Head, Verigrow, Vesco and WD40.  The company was established in 2010 after purchasing an existing brand (Clevedon).  CutAbove, CleanAcut and Triton Trimmer Head are registered Trademarks.

We import a range of pruning, gardening and cleaning tools mainly from Taiwan that are branded "CutAbove".  The company has direct input into the design, manufacture and quality of CutAbove items. This range includes secateurs, loppers, shears, saws, trimmer heads and many other quality garden accessories.  We specialise in high reach extension pruning poles and long reach extension cleaning poles.

Early in 2021 we started selling a range of quality pruning tools from Vesco, Italy.  Products include three different secateurs, folding saw, leather pouch, loppers and shears.

In 2018, we became the Australian distributor of some quality and innovative watering equipment from G.F. Italy.  This range includes fittings, timers, nozzles, sprinklers and hoses.  In 2023, CutAbove Tools commenced importation of recycled hoses and fittings from our Italian supplier - G.F.  The hoses are made of 75% recycled materials and the fittings are made from 70% recycled plastics.   G.F. RECO - Reuse Reduce Recycle.

We also stock and sell Makita's range of battery operated garden equipment.  Includes blowers, chainsaws, hedgers, mowers, multi-function tools and trimmers.  The product range uses the same chargers and batteries as the Makita power tools (eg. drills).  There is definitely a trend towards cordless tools for both home and commercial operators.

We are an active member of the Nursery and Garden Industry.  A number of wholesale nurseries, arborists, commercial gardeners and other trade people use our products for their daily work needs.

Our aim is to have a selection of products that suit the needs of trade gardeners, active gardeners or occasional gardeners . We sell our garden tools online, over the phone, at our showroom, shopping centres (pop up kiosks), garden & home shows and country field days.  We also have a number of Garden Centres throughout Australia selling a select range of our products. 

The company believes in supplying a sustainable product and offers a comprehensive range of spare parts for most products.  Our pruning and cleaning products come with a two year warranty.

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