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Left Handed Secateurs

Model No. 4533L

High quality left handed secateurs. Sloping handle, blade position and opening latch all designed for lefties!

Retail Price:
Only $59.90

Left Handed Secateurs

  • Hard to find left hand secateurs
  • DUAL opening latch for different hand sizes
  • High quality bypass secateurs for left handers
  • Drop forged aluminium handles for strength and durability
  • PVC coated grips
  • Handle, blade and opening clasp all set for left handed gardeners
  • Polished high carbon SK5 steel blade
  • Use our Multi I Sharpener to sharpen the left hand blade.  (Multi V unsuitable)
  • Length 210mm (8 1/4 inches)
  • Weight 230grams
  • Two year warranty with a comprehensive range of spare parts
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Blade
  • Spring
  • Central mechanism

CutAbove Tools has one pair of left handed secateurs in our range.  Whilst 11% of the population is left handed, finding secateurs to suit is not so easy.  Our quality left handed secateurs have drop forged handles and a sharp polished steel blade.  They are suitable for the experienced and commercial gardener.

Left handed secateurs are different in three ways:

  1. The top handle is sloped in the opposite direction to comfortably fit the left hand.
  2. The blade cuts down on the left side of the anvil allowing for a closer cut to the main stem.
  3. The controls such as the opening and closing catch can be operated by the left thumb whilst in the same hand.

Another alternative for left handers is to try anvil secateurs.  The top handle is flat so fits into either hand.  These operate with a blade cutting into the anvil, like a knife cutting onto a board, rather than going down beside the anvil.  They can be a single cut or using a ratchet system.  We recommend that you look also at our Anvil Secateurs

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