Long Reach Pruning Tools

High Reach Pruning Poles

We have three professional grade pruning poles:

Choose between a 3M, 5.5M and our new 6.35M heavy duty extension pole.  These oval poles are made of aluminium and have a positive clip and locking system to extend the poles.  Four heads can fit onto the poles:  a ratchet pruner, a gear action pruner, a HD pro saw and a smaller tree saw.

The ratchet pruner will cut up to 35mm, the gear action pruner up to 40mm, the pro saw will handle the larger branches (up to 20cm) and the smaller tree saw will cut up to 15cm.  A separate handle is required to use either of the saws as a hand saw.  Additionally an adapter (5602AC) is available and will fit onto the pruning poles to enable to use of cleaning attachments (eg. water flow brush, cobweb brush or duster).

We recommend the ratchet pruner with the 3M pole and the gear action pruner with the 5.5M pole.  The saws will fit either pole.  

Also available is a Three Metre Cut & Hold

The 3M Cut & Hold is ideal for picking fruit and avocados.  It is also great for pruning the thorny bougainvillea.  Also good for picking and pruning camellias.  The device is lightweight and contracts down to 1.9M.  Five different extension points assist in trimming light stems or picking fruit.

The cutting head is tilt-able in either direction further enabling you to get to your target easier.  Just cut using the trigger and release when you wish to open the jaws.  A 300mm saw is available as an optional extra and can be attached to the 3M Cut & Hold.

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